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Clarkston Technology Solutions, as a division of Clarkston Consulting, is born from a legacy of brilliant client service. In a market dominated by service providers racing to the bottom, Clarkston Technology Solutions provides low-cost, high-impact technology solutions and business transformation through an onshore approach that ensures a highly responsive and consistent experience for our clients.

About Us


The leadership team at Clarkston Technology Solutions represents decades of experience partnering with leading businesses to create and sustain success and innovation. Through a steadfast commitment to enriching experiences for our clients and our dedicated  team, we strive to continuously provide personal, white-glove service for each client.

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 At CTS, we share our thoughts on your biggest issues.

Choosing an AMS Provider for Your Business

As a representative of your business or technology department your role in choosing an AMS provider is to find a true partner to your business who can contribute to your bottom-line via cost savings and revenue growth.

Selecting an AMS Provider That Enables Your Digital Transformation

Selecting an AMS provider has traditionally been a decision to cut costs, increase efficiencies, and free up internal resources.

Best Practices in Patch Management for ERP Systems

As we navigate a more connected, digital landscape, patch management is now a more complex process with exponentially larger implications to your business’ profitability and reputation.

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